Private tours

– Fteri beach
a phenomenon among all the beaches of Kefalonia. Our absolute favorite! Wandering along the trail designated by tourists for a fabulous beach reminiscent of the most beautiful beaches – Mytos or Petani! If you are a type of hiker and explorer, you want to explore the nature of Kefalonia and then relax on the uncrowded beach – it will be the perfect trip for you! The trip takes place with two guides who, if necessary, will be able to belay and guide the route.
– Undiscovered Kefalonia
the Ainos mountains + a hike to one of the hidden beaches. Entering the car to the very top of the Ainos mountains, observation of Kefalonia from the viewpoint, for those who want to stop the car much earlier and then on foot we go to the top! Then we drive down the car and go to the next route, which we will go to one of the wild beaches!
– Famous Kefalonia
meaning Fiskardo, Assos, Agia Efimia, Myrtos, Melisssani, Drogarati, Lassi. We start our journey in the direction of Fiskardo, a famous fishing village made famous by many celebrities in the north of Kefalonia. Then we go to the next picturesque village of Ag. Efimia, where we have free time, for example for coffee and something sweet. The next stop is Myrtos from the viewpoint, which is one of the most photographed of Greek beaches. After capturing the beautiful view, we go to Assos, another village considered the most picturesque. Next we set off to the cave Meslissani and Drogarati, and at the end of the trip we stop at the largest beach in Lassi.
These are not tour programs, but loose proposals that can be useful in setting up your own plan. We do not have any restrictions, everything depends on your enthusiasm and imagination!
Private tours are subject to individual pricing (depending on the number of participants, duration and tour program)
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