Zeus Island (Dias)

One of the mythological secrets of Kefalonia
The colour of sea water around the island is incredible

The island inspiration for the Tempest of Shakespeare and Lord Byron’s last poems.

The island savior of Apostle Paul in his Mediterranean trip.
Island symbol of majesty, inspiring contemporary artists and travellers.
Visit, be inspired, create, dream, escape in the realm of the Ionian blue.
Cultural TRIP Ied by Agata Biedna & Aris Nikai
Eligibility: Open to All with focus to travellers, adventurers,activists, archaeologists, oceanographers, historians, researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities, educators, students, artists all disciplines, authors, poets, film makers, philosophers, seeking deeper meaning and connection in their practice.

The participants are invited to create, be inspired, perform or present artistic or scientific works.
Dates: June 5th – Septemper 30th 2019 (depend on each participants needs and the availability of the program)
Location: Greek Island Kefalonia-Zeus Island
Venues: Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture and Ancient Sites of the Island Kefalonia
Opening date for applications: April 10 th 2019
Deadline for applications: May 30th 2019
Deadline for completion of submissions/final participations: 5 days after the deadline
Application by e-mail : ecotravelkefalonia@gmail.com
Information, terms, conditions : ecotravelkefalonia@gmail.com, https://www.ecotravelkefalonia.com
Cultural Programs of the Ecotravel Kefalonia
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